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Boys’ Village is going green.

Starting late August, the Gault Youth and Family Enrichment Center will be retrofitted with new, energy-efficient LED lights, reducing the building’s carbon footprint by 60 percent; a change comparable to saving 39 acres of urban forests.  

Black Electric in Wooster, Ohio will replace the Gault Center’s 420 interior and exterior lights. The project will take about one month to complete.

“This project is not only a win for The Village Network, but it’s a win for the environment,” Facilities Project Manager Chad Knupp said. “Changing to LED bulbs saves us in not only energy costs, but in maintenance costs as well. Now we’ll be able to put more resources into other projects.”

The new gymnasium and Corporate Headquarters office will also adopt LED lights, reducing each building’s carbon footprint by 60 percent. In addition to saving electricity, the switch will also save The Village Network more than $88,000 in energy and maintenance costs over 10 years.

“I am hopeful that we will be able to continue this retrofit across all our facilities in the coming year,” Knupp said.

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