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WOOSTER- Wayne County exhibitors received best of shows in Saturday’s flower show in Buss Hall at the Wayne County Fair.

Best of shows went to: horticulture, Martha Morris, Lakeville; flowering house plant, Jane Miller, Smithville; foliage house plants, Ken Blanchard, Apple Creek; garden club, Boys’ Village, Wooster.

Artistic amateur, Stephanie Schwarzwalder, Shreve; best interpretation amateur, Stephanie Schwarzwalder, Shreve.

Artistic open division, Vicky Puster, Lakeville; best interpretation open division, Judy Ratzel, Wooster.

Junior horticulture, Leila Hammond, Wooster; junior artistic, 10 years and under, Jesse Hanshaw, Burbank and best interpretation, Kaitlyn Carr, Wooster. Junior artistic, 11-16 years, artistic and best interpretation, Hattie Carr, Wooster.

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One of The Village Networks 2017 Hall of Fame inductees, Greg Long (left), poses at The Wooster Inn with TVN CEO Richard Graziano.
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