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WOOSTER- The Boys’ Village gymnasium is the first building at The Village Network’s Boys’ Village Campus to be demolished and reconstructed since its original erection in 1964. The demolition is scheduled to take place Monday, October 9, 2017.

The gym was built as an addition to the campus’ school building. Throughout the years, The Village Network has made major renovations to every other part of the school, leaving the gym for last. As it stands today, the more than 50-year-old gym has reached the end of its useful life.

Beaver Excavating, a Canton, Ohio-based site development and construction company, donated its demolition services to help take down the gym. Jeff Sterling, vice president at Beaver Excavating, first donated the company’s services in 2015 and has committed to demolition projects at three sites: a barn at the Salem campus, a house at Boys’ Village campus and a portion of the gymnasium at Boys’ Village campus.

The demolition is expected to conclude in the first part of October 2017. The reconstruction process will begin shortly after and will take about six months to complete. The new gym will be built by Freeman Building Systems and is expected to be finished as early as April 2018. During the construction period, the Gault Youth and Family Enrichment Center will serve as a temporary gym space for youth to continue their regular recreational programs.

The Boys’ Village campus consists of 15 buildings, with some constructed as early as the 1940’s. While the gym is the first to be completely demolished and reconstructed, others have experienced major renovations with the most recent changes happening at the Welker Smucker Culinary Arts Center and Smucker Cottage.

Since 1946, The Village Network has been a leader in equipping youth, families and adults with the necessary tools to overcome the challenges of life. Our premiere treatment plans coupled with compassionate care create opportunities for our clients to experience healing from their individual struggles and improve their behavioral, physical and emotional wellbeing. Our services are designed to promote permanent, healthy and productive environments for our clients and include outpatient behavioral healthcare, treatment foster care and residential care. All our services contribute to our mission to empower youth and their families to build brighter futures.




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Basketball hoop in the old Boys' Village gym
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