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Every year, people from around the world take a day to give back. #GivingTuesday has become a global day of giving that connects diverse groups of individuals, communities and organizations for a common philanthropic purpose. One of the best ways to get involved is in your own community, so why not celebrate by giving to a The Village Network?

Here’s 4 ways you can give to a location near you this #GivingTuesday:

Give Your Time

You can be one of the many people who give their time to support us and the families we serve. We’re always looking for people to act as mentors for youth, to become foster parents and to volunteer for special events, in our offices or on our grounds. Relationships are the foundation of living a successful, healthy life. Will you invest in a relationship with our youth?

Give Your Voice

Your voice is powerful and what you have to say matters. Be an advocate for our mission, our youth and our services. One way you can advocate for our cause is to share your story on social media. You can make a video, write a post or link to a blog where you tell everyone about your giving experiences with us! Use #MyTVNGivingStory on social media, and we’ll share your story on our platforms. Then, share your story with #GivingTuesday and they’ll enter The Village Network into a contest for up to $10,000.

Give Your Money

Giving financially is simple- just fill out our online form and you’re done! You can give one time or set up a reoccurring gift. You can give a general donation or give to a specific project or program. How you choose to give financially is flexible and customizable to meet your needs. And remember, no investment is too small to make a difference. Even a donation of $5 could provide a child in our care with a stuffed animal to hug or a book to read.

Give A Gift

As the holidays approach, the reality is that many kids won’t have gifts to open and toys to play with this season. You can change that by giving gifts to children in foster care or to families involved in our programs. You can give toys, personal hygiene products, anything really! Call an office near you to learn about their greatest needs this holiday season.


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David Hargrave stands outside Wooster Headquarters.
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