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WOOSTER, Ohio — The Village Network will celebrate the completion of its Therapeutic Stabilization Center with a ribbon-cutting on September 27 at noon at the new facility, 2858 Back Orrville Road.

The Center, unique to Wayne County, will serve youth ages 10 to 21 who are experiencing immediate psychological or emotional crises. These youth may be victims of trauma and neglect, or they might be struggling to manage the day-to-day stressors of life.

Chief Clinical Officer David Paxton said some of the at-risk youth are pretty desperate, and death by suicide is the second leading cause of death among teens. The Center’s aim is to be a secure, short-term residential facility to help those youth and their families navigate through these crises.

CEO and President Rich Graziano said he is excited about the ability to impact the lives of youth and their families in a more efficient way. Sometimes an at-risk youth in crisis would be transported as far away as Youngstown or Cincinnati. The great distance made it difficult for families to be involved at such a critical time.“The Therapeutic Stabilization Center will allow families to be involved with a youth on arrival at the Center, in order to help preserve the family unit and promote healing from a crisis,” Graziano said.

Youth from Wayne and Holmes counties will be the priority for the 16-bed, coed Center. The Therapeutic Stabilization Center will allow the youth to receive treatment, while at the same time keeping them close to their families, doctors and schools. The Center will also help some youth who are in a transition from a higher level of care. The goal of treatment is to keep the youth in an environment that is the least restrictive. So, the Therapeutic Stabilization Center will also serve as a secure step-down option.

The Therapeutic Stabilization Center was built in partnership with the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Wayne & Holmes Counties and will be licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

“We appreciate the Mental Health and Recovery Board partnering with us, as well as other donors, like Steve and Cheryl Shapiro, United Titanium, the Seaman Corporation, and Haudenschild Group,” Graziano said. “This has truly been a collaborative effort, andwe are pleased with the work hard done by Weaver Commercial Contractor.”

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