Every Child Deserves a Safe and Loving Home

Foster Care and Adoption Program

The Village Network stands by one unwavering belief -- that every child deserves a safe and loving home. Our Treatment Foster Care networks serve a wide variety of at-risk boys and girls of all ages. Individual counseling and family therapy for the youth's primary family are included in all treatment plans. TVN also has the capacity to utilize other TVN programs and community resources to develop extensive wrap-around plans.

TVN offers a professionalized approach to Treatment Foster Care with comprehensive supports for both youth and our families.  In the Network Model, each Network operation is organized as a community of care – families develop relationships with each other that aid their successful treatment of troubled youth. 

The Village Network is certified in Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) and it has become the clinical framework for all treatment plans. NMT from the Child Trauma Academy and Dr. Bruce Perry is an approach to clinical work incorporating key principals of neurodevelopment into the clinical problem solving process. This approach builds on key concepts of brain organization and functioning and allows the practioner to implement developmentally appropriate activities to treat trauma in children.

 Treatment Foster Care Program is available at all of our locations; TVN-Cleveland, TVN-Columbus, TVN-Dayton, TVN-Delaware, TVN-Lancaster, TVN-Mansfield,  TVN-Mount Vernon, TVN-Newark, TVN-Uhrichsville, TVN-Youngstown, TVN-Wooster

Evidence-Based Approach

The Village Network utilizes many evidence based approaches for children and adolescents experiencing significant emotional and behavioral difficulties related to traumatic life events.


TVN-Columbus combines excels in Community-Based Foster Care programs designed to keep siblings together in stable foster care while working with the entire family to achieve permanent arrangements.

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