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Leading Behavioral Change One Life at a Time

The Village Network realizes that change is made one life at a time, one decision at a time, one moment at a time. Quantifying the impact of The Village Network is only possible by seeing and hearing the positive testimonies from leaders, volunteers, parents, staff, and of course, the very youth we seek to help. Here are a few examples of the impact you are telling us that The Village Network has on the communities it serves.

th Thomas Moyer"If they (troubled boys and girls) are fortunate enough to go to The Village Network, their entire life will change. In some instances, lives have been actually saved because of the care and attention they receive there."

Thomas Moyer, Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court

th Deborah Forkas"We are fortunate to have The Village Network as a service provider for our children, many of whom have severe emotional difficulties and/or are involved with our Juvenile Justice system. Programs and services provided by The Village Network have enabled many of our children to transition into productive adulthood and lead successful lives."
Deborah Forkas, Deputy Executive Director Social Services, Summit County Children Services

"The Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services has utilized the programs and services of The Village Network for several decades to help improve the lives of children in its care. We have greatly benefited from The Village Network's innovative and holistic approaches to caring for our at-risk children and youth."
James McCafferty, MSSA Director, Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services

"I had a good support system at The Village Network and a good therapist and the foster homes inside the Network were the best ones. They were caring, supportive and raised me to have faith and a strong connection to church."
Tessa Walters, 2008 TVN Alumni of the Year

"Wayne County children, as well as hundreds of others throughout Ohio, have benefited from The Village Network's ability to respond to the ever-changing needs of our children the community through innovative and specialized programs and services."
Randall B. Muth, JD, Executive Director, Mahoning County Children Services

"I have seen the work at The Village Network and I'm pleased to report it continues to rank among the very best at successfully treating abused and traumatized youth."
Michael Reardon, President, United Titanium, Inc. - A TVN Corporate Partner


"I'm very proud of my association with Boys' Village and I'm grateful for the chance it gave me to succeed."
Jack Welch, Alumni, TVN-Boys' Village Campus, Wooster


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