Welcome to The Village Network's online creative brief form. The purpose of this form is to provide all the necessary information for the Organizational Advancement team to create a marketing communication for The Village Network. Marketing communications are primarily printed marketing content like a brochure, flyer, card, sign or banner. Please complete all sections of the form. All requests must be approved by your department head before project can begin. Once approved, a reasonable timeline will be provided for project completion. Please submit creative needs at least 3 weeks prior to your desired publish date. One content idea per submission.



In providing your overview, ask:
• Why is this important?
• How does it help tell the story of The Village Network?
• Is it related to a particular service we provide, research topic or our clients? Identify and explain.

In providing the message, think:
• What is the one sentence version of this piece of communication?
• What aspect of this program/service/etc. is most valuable to my audience?






I acknlowledge that this project request was approved by my department head.

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