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Former Boys’ Village youth and now 2016 Hall of Fame inductee Scott Hite serves as a tremendous role model. He says, “Being a troubled youth and coming from the bottom, and then trying to get out is extremely hard. You have to put in the work, but it can be done.”

Scott attended Boys’ Village 1983-1984, and was awarded the prestigious Youth of the Year award. Scott then graduated from Massillon Washington High School and served in the US Air Force before attending college. He went on to work for the New York State Police, assisting in 9/11 Ground Zero support. Scott is now an entrepreneur, starting his own rental investment cooperation. Though he has been awarded many achievements in his life, he is most proud of his 8-year-old daughter Brynn.

“I always dreamed of a better life. I dreamed it would happen. I knew it could be done.”

Scott’s advice for current youth at The Village Network is, “Believe in yourself and then put in the work to get there.” He understands that it’s hard for a young person to acknowledge or accept what has happened in their past, but it is essential to sustaining a healthy life.

“You have two paths to go down. If you’re on the bad path, you can always switch paths at some point before it’s too late.”

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