Emma’s First Christmas

Can you remember back to your first Christmas? How old were you? What toys did you open? Emma can remember her first Christmas, the toys she opened, the dinner she ate, the ornaments she made, the stockings she hung, and the wreaths she put up. All of these memories are pretty vivid for the 16-year-old from Southern Ohio because Emma’s first real Christmas came at the end of 2019 in a [...]

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Mental Health Minute: How to Talk to Your Children About Their Mental Health

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in six youth aged 6-17 will experience a mental health disorder each year. That’s 7.7 million children throughout the U.S. And each year the numbers continue to increase. Just like physical conditions, prevention and early intervention are key in treating many mental health conditions. With this information in mind, one of the best [...]

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The Village Network Advances Care for Traumatized Youth with Sensory Integration Rooms

Each year in Ohio, an average of 25,000 children are abused and neglected. Fortunately for those served by The Village Network, a non-profit behavioral healthcare provider that specializes in treatment of trauma, there is an innovative new tool to help these youth overcome their crisis and begin to heal. By utilizing Sensory Integration Rooms, the […]

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The Village Network Stands Ready To Provide Mental Health Services During Times Of Crisis

During this uncertain time when our local economics are in question, the dangers of the coronavirus continue to increase around us, and we are subject to the isolation of social distancing and home quarantines, each individual’s mental health is likely being strained, possibly to a point of desperation. In a pandemic, many people are afraid of what might happen in the future, which causes [...]

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Take Care Of Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis: Telehealth Services Are Now Available Through The Village Network

With more than 70 years of experience serving Ohio and West Virginia through outpatient behavioral health, residential treatment and treatment foster care, The Village Network is now providing telehealth services. This allows children and adults to use their laptop, tablet or smartphone to speak with a licensed, certified mental health therapist. “Since schools have closed, our therapists [...]

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Things You Should & Shouldn’t Say To A Foster Youth

Extended family, friends and neighbors, teachers, children, even foster parents can sometimes find it difficult to know what to say to a foster child in some situations. It’s important to realize your approach can impact how a child thinks and feels. These hints and tips are designed to give guidance on things you should and shouldn’t say to foster children, based on feedback from kids who [...]

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