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Youngstown, OH – Thanks in part to a grant from The Youngstown Foundation, local youth were able to access to the vital mental health services they needed this summer at The Village Network Youngstown’s Summer Programs.

Through the Hine Memorial Fund, The Youngstown Foundation supported The Village Network’s 10-week, behavioral health-based summer programs with a $4,100 grant to help cover the expense of contracted transportation services. Without the bussing to and from the summer camps, 117 children would not have received the mental health services they needed.

Throughout the school year, The Village Network provides behavioral health services for youth with intensive mental health needs at Stambaugh Charter Academy and Summit Academy Youngstown Elementary. To ensure the children continue to progress in their mental health treatment and that they are provided a safe, consistent environment for emotional stabilization and regulation, The Village Network’s Youngstown team continues their care with summer camps at both schools.

However, with all participating students’ families falling below the federal poverty levels, transportation to the summer program is not something the families can afford. That’s why The Village Network has provided the busing service for the past four years, as well as healthy breakfasts and lunches, and special field trips and summer activities for the youth.

While a majority of the Youngstown Summer Program expenses are absorbed by The Village Network, with uncompensated care rising and Medicaid reimbursements declining, the need to seek new partnerships and additional funding opportunities has increased.

“Because The Village Network team has watched the students thrive and truly benefit from the Youngstown Summer Programs, we are committed to continuing them and we’re so excited to have The Youngstown Foundation’s support,” says Richard Graziano, President and CEO of The Village Network.”

Chuck Baldwin, Regional Director, adds “The Village Network has been serving the Mahoning Valley community since 2011 with the primary goal of helping to ensure that youth have easily-accessible behavioral healthcare services. The Youngstown Summer Programs are just one way that we deliver on that commitment.”

The Village Network’s services in the Mahoning Valley community include School-Based Treatment, Outpatient Behavioral Healthcare, Day Treatment, Parent/Youth Interaction Therapy, Treatment Foster Care, and Residential Services.


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