Juvenile Court Programs

Juvenile court programs at The Village Network are Home/School/Community based programs that provide comprehensive mental health and “wraparound” support services to help youth safely function in the community and avoid placement in detention centers. These custom programs serve as a diversionary, intensive probation alternative for youth presenting to the Court with a qualifying mental health diagnosis or a moderate to severe substance use disorder or both (dual-diagnosis). The goals of the program are to empower youth and families, promote individual wellness and ensure community safety. Objectives are achieved by helping youth identify their strengths and positive attributes, acknowledge the challenges associated with mental health diagnosis and substance use disorders and obtain the skills needed to effectively manage their diagnosis.

A Collaborative Effort

Through a collaborative approach, success is aimed at significantly reducing out-of-home placements and working with the entire family.  The support and treatment team can include a magistrate, a supervisor, probation officers, court personnel, school staff and treatment care and counseling staff. The program partners with The Village Network to offer youth and families treatment for mental health challenges and/or substance use disorders. This collaborative approach offers the best opportunity for the youth to receive optimal program benefits.

  •  Comprehensive Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assessment and Re-Assessment
  •  Individual and Family Counseling
  •  Parent Education and Skills development
  •  Life Skills Education
  •  Comprehensive Case Management services/linkages to community resources
  •  Care coordination/behavioral management
  •  Comprehensive Drug/Alcohol Treatment when indicated
  •  24/7 staff availability for crisis intervention and other necessary services
  •  School Interventions
  •  Safety planning
  •  Relapse Prevention
  •  Intensive In-Home Crisis Intervention

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