Every Child Needs Someone Who Loves  & Cares For Them

Home is where love resides, where memories are created and friends always belong. Unfortunately, the foster children at The Village Network emerge from a house full of violence and anger, with empty pantries and broken promises.  Imagine your childhood without the memories of throwing the football in the yard, or without your family there to tend to your nerves before a school recital. Be the encouragement and love that a foster care child deserves.

What Is Foster Care?

Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for abused, neglected and dependent children who need a safe place to live when their parents or relatives cannot take care of them. They are just like any other child you know— loving, playful and full of potential, but they have suffered trauma through no fault of their own.

What Is Treatment Foster Care?

The Village Network provides family-based Treatment Foster Care for children and youth who have been removed from their homes due to childhood trauma or other unsafe conditions, and require more than the basic care, support, love and nurturing that regular, or “traditional” foster care placements provide. We train, support and supervise caring foster parents to provide treatment aimed at healing, teaching new coping skills and helping each child find peace and happiness.

Treatment Foster Care

Give A Child A Chance At A Bright Future By Becoming A Foster Parent Today.

Treatment Foster Care At The Village Network

How Do You Become A Foster Parent?

  1. Contact Us – call 800-638-3232 or email info@thevillagenetwork.com to learn how you can change a child’s life.
  2. Orientation – Learn more about The Village Network and being a foster parent
  3. Training – Navigate the role of a foster parent while receiving the highest quality training
  4. Application – Take the first step in the licensing process with the guidance of our staff
  5. Home Visit – Prepare your home for the needs of a foster child
  6. Family Assessment – Provide references, physical exams TB test results of homestead
  7. Become A Family – You are now a foster parent!
  8. Continuing Education – Ongoing training to help you as a foster parent.

Mental Health Of A Foster Child

There’s no denying that many of The Village Network’s foster care children have suffered trauma. Our foster parents are prepared to provide guidance to the youth after intensive training. TVN’s staff of clinical therapists, behavioral specialists and foster care support staff provide the education and tools to build a successful, healthy relationship with your foster child.

Initial Criteria

Foster parents must be over 21 years old, but there is no age limit. Foster parents are allowed to have full-time jobs. It’s true that foster parents must be financially stable, but they don’t need to be wealthy. While there is a monthly subsidy to help reduce the cost of food and other necessities, we do expect that foster care parents have enough income to support you and your family each month.

Respite Care

Respite Foster care is when one foster family temporarily cares for another family’s foster children.  The goal of the service is to gives the children’s original foster family a bit of a break — a respite. Unlike other parents, who can simply can call a babysitter or drop the kids with their grandparents so they can grab a night out alone, this isn’t always an option for foster parents, particularly for those who are fostering children who are victims of trauma or abuse.

At The Village Network, we provide specific provisions for respite foster care in our contracts with parents as an incentive to help place children with special needs, as well as in homes where multiple foster children have been placed. If you’ve been thinking about fostering but you’re nervous about it, providing respite foster care at first may be a way to test the waters.

What Is Respite?

A Day In The Life Of A Foster Child: ReMoved

Foster Care FAQs

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Foster Care Myths

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