Intensive Home-Based Treatment

Intensive In-Home Based Treatment (IHBT) is a short term, specialized intervention program designed for at-risk children and their families in order to promote a stable and healthy family dynamic.  The Village Network’s IHBT service is a comprehensive service provided to a youth and their families that integrates community psychiatric supportive treatment services, mental health assessment services, crisis response, behavioral health counseling and therapy services, and social services.  The goal of IHBT is to help prevent an out-of-home placement or facilitating a successful transition back to home. These intensive mental health services are provided in the home and work to address and improve the mental health functioning of a youth.

We Understand Life’s Challenges

Home-based service staff recognize that it can be challenging to get to an office for a therapy appointment due to illness, disability, personal crisis, or for lack of finances, transportation, or childcare. Home-based therapy can be a solution to these obstacles, in the same way that many rural doctors still make house calls.  In addition, when treatment is provided in the home, the relationship between therapist and client is likely to develop more rapidly, because clients are more relaxed at home than in an unfamiliar office setting and as a result, progress and healing can occur more readily.

We Create A Custom Plan

Working alongside the team at The Village Network, our staff will help assess the risk factors and needs of the youth and help create a custom plan of action to promote positive changes in the family environment, all in the comfort of your home.  Our program offers support services for children and family including:

  • Delinquent and disruptive behavior
  • Trauma from neglect and abuse
  • Depression
  • Truancy
  • Alcohol and other drug use
  • Running away
  • School learning or misbehaviors
  • Suicide threats and ideation
  • Sexually reactive behaviors
  • Conflicts with authority
  • Hyperactivity
  • Physical and verbal aggression
  • Anger management
  • Poor decision-making

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